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Private Lesson Request

With the new year, comes a new plan for our soloists performers.

The decision has been made, in order for a dancer to learn a particular style routine, they must be enrolled into the corresponding technique class.

For example, for a Jazz solo, the dancer must be enrolled into a jazz class. This is the same for all styles of dance, Tap, Classical, Contemporary, Hip Hop and more.

WHY? Solo time slots are allocated to dancers to learn & perfect one or more routines in their designated time. Dancer’s are not breaking down & learning the technique / skill behind the routine which is required to perform the style; this is what’s taught in classes.

For other styles, dancers must participate in the following:

Character – Classical

National – Classical

Song & Dance – Jazz, Classical or Tap depending on the style selected for this routine.

Lyrical – Classical or Contemporary

Who are they for?

Anyone who is enrolled in a class at Danceworks 114.


Private lessons are charged at $55.00 per hour for a Senior Teacher or $35.00 per hour for a Junior Teacher.

SENIOR TEACHERS: Tia, Kristy, Lacey, Elise, Bonnie, Allie, Gill & Charli R

JUNIOR TEACHERS: Sarah, Charlie J, Chelsea & Tayissa

Dancers can pick one or more teachers for their lessons which can run for 15min, 20min or 30mins depending on the dancers age, ability & number of routines to learn & rehearse.

If you are unsure which teacher to select for your dancer and their preferred style, please see our staff profiles on the website or come and have a chat to one of us.

CHAMPIONSHIPS: For a dancer to learn & perform a championship dance in any style they have to have placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd (HM in some circumstances) in their open section at a recent eisteddfod to qualify.

What days are available?

We run from Monday to Saturday however, class timetabling always takes priority over private lessons therefore they are scheduled around classes and teacher availability.

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