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Pre-Primary Classes

Your child must turn 2 before the 30th of April 2021 to participate in the 2021 year.

Lil Groovers

2 years to 3 years

There is a lot more to this class than just dancing! Children learn social and interactive skills, develop confidence, discover music and rhythm, become more aware of their bodies and space, improve coordination and so much more.

Kinder Trio

3 years-5 years

In this 45 minute class students will start off with an introduction to Tap dance. Followed by a change of shoes and pace with 15 minutes of Ballet. The class will conclude with 15 minutes of Funk

Mini Cheer

3 years-5 years

A fun class where students learn basic tumbling skills to develop coordination and strength. Then we will finish off with a routine using Pom Poms of course!

Mini Hip Hop

3 years-5 years

Get ready to move your body and learn lots of rhythms and rhymes!

Pre-Primary Acro

3 years-5 years

Our acrobatic program is based on the Acrobatics Arts syllabus. In this program students will learn skills in strength, balance, flexibility, tumbling and limbering.

School Aged Classes


Students work on posture, breathing, balance, strength, flexibility, weight transference and general ballet technique. The strength and control learned in this class is a valuable asset to any dance style. Our ballet classes learn the A.T.O.D. syllabus (exams are optional).

Contemporary / Lyrical

An exciting class for those who want something different. It is said that ballet is about the final picture and contemporary is about the journey to get there.

Funk / Jazz

A fast moving class that works on technique and flexibility. We start with a warm-up, go into some travelling combinations and finish with a routine.

Hip Hop

This street style of dance has taken over the world! Get ready to isolate your body and be hard-hitting in this awesome class.


Tap classes offer more than just learning how to move your feet. One of the benefits of participating in Tap classes is the learned understanding of timing and rhythm. Our Tap classes learn the A.T.O.D syllabus (exams are optional).


Acrobatics teaches flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control, discipline & concentration. This class will focus on fundamental acrobatic technique. Students will learn such things as handstands, chin stands, elbow stands, cartwheels, back bends, walkovers, balance, & contortion tricks.

Musical Theatre

Is a class that combines song, spoken dialogue, acting, and dance to communicate the emotional and story content of a stage piece. Students will learn to develop their performance skills as they learn choreography and lyrics to many popular musical productions.

Broadway Jazz

Learn routines straight from broadway in this fun and energetic class.


Is a fun and fast class that includes team and partner work. Stunts and tricks are a major part of cheerleading, as well as jumps and tumbling work.